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It's AI for the rest of us. 

To free up the best in us.

Overcome these organizational challenges within your static digital ecosystem.


Missed Opportunities:

 Members may miss out on valuable opportunities and insights that could benefit their professional growth (and your bottom-line).


Competitive Disadvantage: 

Static data hampers member access to trends, innovations, and resources, creating a disadvantage compared to dynamic environments.


Reduced Engagement:

Static data ecosystems reduce member engagement by lacking interactive features and personalized content, diminishing their interest.

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Empower Members with AI-Driven Productivity Solutions
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What is a 'ChatLayr'?

ChatLayrs are AI productivity layers seamlessly integrated into your digital ecosystem, making static data conversationally dynamic.


Enhance your end-user experience with AI that straddles both internal and external data for customized AI-powered insights, and additional UI capabilities."

It all starts with your data
The foundation of your AI knowledge-base 

The internal data you choose forms the foundation of your AI's knowledge base, enabling high-value user experiences.

Don't stop there. Add a 'ResearchLayr' for added functionality and complimentary UI. 


(internal data only)

Case Study Scenario #1:

  • Professional Medical Association

  • Internal data only

A medical association offers a wealth of research papers, clinical guidelines, and educational materials. Yet, the sheer volume of internal data can overwhelm members.


With ChatLayr integration, members swiftly access specific sections or receive AI-generated summaries, keeping them efficiently informed about medical advancements.

Can you relate?

Research conducted by PwC found that 54% of business executives stated that their biggest AI implementation challenge was figuring out where to start and how to prioritize AI initiatives within their organization.

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Case Study Scenario #2:

  • Public health agency

  • Internal + external data

A public health agency strives to communicate vital information, address health challenges, and provide valuable resources. Yet, complex and extensive health data can pose obstacles.


By integrating ChatLayr, the public health agency enables swift access to specific resource sections or AI-generated summaries, ensuring efficient and accurate dissemination of vital medical, health, and public health information.

(internal + external data)

Heard of ChatGPT?

We’re working on the same type of large language models (LLM) to improve the user's experience. Our technology can streamline complex  workflows, allowing your users (staff, members, etc.) to focus on more meaningful tasks and get the most from your organization's data.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work?
YOUR end-users + YOUR Data

We create a centralized, consolidated database of essential organizational data, specifically selected by you. This exclusive knowledge-base forms the training foundation for your AI, ensuring focused and relevant insights for your users.

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How is it used?

Integrated where you want it, a branded, conversational-AI ChatLayr assists users by removing friction associated with consuming long-form textual data, allowing users to surface what matters, removing the pitfalls of being a self-reliant, accurate sense-maker.

What are the potential outcomes?

Branded ChatLayr: Seamlessly integrated to provide effortless access, eliminating friction when consuming long-form textual data and empowering users to surface what matters without the need for complete self-reliance.


What ChatLayr is NOT:

Chat-Layr differs from ChatGPT by OpenAI in its paid consumption model for data processing, akin to applications built on cloud providers like AWS or Azure. AI companies leveraging models from OpenAI, Microsoft Bing, Google Bard, and others offer a wide array of diverse products.


If AI was supposed to make everything easier, why is it so hard to get started?

We can help. Book time today.

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