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Always Innovating: New Brand, Strong Plans, & Our Appreciation for You.

June 20th, 2023

Hi Everyone,

I am excited to share with you the latest evolution of our company, a transition in strategy and brand, a shift from PubTrawlr to Layr Research.

Layr Research is our new parent brand, and holding company, overseeing a modern rollout of sophisticated AI solutions for mission-driven organizations and industries that need it most.

This initiative showcases a targeted, thoughtful approach to increasing our impact on small-to-mid-size support organizations across key fields of study & practice.

Previously, PubTrawlr was simply a B2B, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), designed to empower a researcher's day-to-day with AI-powered research assistance. While in beta development, we reached post-revenue status with paying customers, but the real value was what our customers introduced us to; a more impactful, profound vision we are sharing today.

Layr Research takes a new approach, bringing conversational-AI solutions and custom AI training to YOUR organization's most valuable data, as opposed to just our data.

The goal is to optimize an organization's data utilization, enhance discoverability capability, and serve their stakeholders with conversational AI solutions that make getting the most value from data incredibly easy.

These strategic efforts are designed to amplify the value these organizations provide to the professionals they service.

This approach isn't overly novel outside of the target market we aim to serve. What makes this differentiated is how we plan to provide turn-key, curated data plugins, along with UI enhancements for organizations looking to add more research data to their AI experience and how we improve user functionality through that expansion.

Just Imagine...

What if we could make it extremely easy for any stakeholder, regardless of education level, industry experience, reading level, etc., to interact with mounds of static data with heightened benefit for each end-user experience?

Seeing is believing. Let us show you what we mean.

Layr Research, our new overarching brand, is not just a name; this brand symbolizes the evolution of our company and the embodiment of our commitment to drive the utilization of artificial intelligence to its full potential. It marks a significant step in our mission to bridge the gap between research and practice, making science accessible to all. It's what sits under Layr Research that will mature and expand, but all under the strong foundation Layr Research provides.

The AI productivity layer, or "Layr," is a brand metaphor seen and felt in Layr Research's flagship AI platform, ChatLayr, which centers on the concept of introducing an AI productivity layer between mission-driven organizational data and the users, members, students, etc. that need to source, make sense of, and act upon quicker. This is where AI comes in.

The Root Problem: Static Data is Stuck Data

Static data, as it relates to the internal data held by organizations (ex. research publications, datasets, member handbooks, PDF resources, complex multi-page sites, etc.) sounds innocent enough, but in reality, it causes many discoverability issues for the stakeholders interacting with that data.

We even published an article on the pains of static data, so be sure to check that out as well.

Layr Research is dedicated to helping scientific, research, and educational organizations (ex. professional associations, institutes, universities, medical libraries, healthcare providers, and public health organizations) bring their data, current offerings, and elevate the user experience of their stakeholders in this complex, AI-driven landscape.

These organizations face challenges in supporting their infrastructure because larger entities dominate innovation.

Unlike those bigger organizations, they lack knowledge of emerging AI technologies, sufficient funds, dedicated internal teams, and access to valuable resources. Our goal is to support these organizations with a combination of turnkey AI solutions developed by Layr Research, services, and custom AI implementations. We want to help these companies thrive in this new era of technology. Our team has the technical and content expertise to make this happen.

Our Vision...

We want to enrich data ecosystems and empower users to access valuable insights they might overlook. That is the initial mission of ChatLayr, to drive the discoverability of an organization's most valuable data.

In future roadmapped releases, ChatLayr will allow organizations to upgrade the data their conversational AI is trained on along with enhanced user functionality. This provides simpler, turnkey solutions for organizations looking to attract and retain stakeholders with more valuable tools.

ChatLayr embodies our desire to help organizations leverage AI technology more efficiently and effectively. It empowers organizations to streamline information discovery, optimize workflows, and enhance decision-making. We're leveraging emerging AI, Chat-GPT, and proprietary language and database modeling to bring a new level of efficiency and intelligence to digital experiences, enabling users to extract meaningful insights from complex data sets.

Our rebranding signifies a pivot towards custom, AI-powered products for data-heavy, research-centric organizations. We're no longer providing AI research tools on our data on a PubTrawlr platform; under Layr Research, we are now customizing and white-labeling the technology we've been developing over the years under the PubTrawlr brand. We call this base technology, and AI product suite, ChatLayr.

ChatLayr allows us to build and brand custom AI solutions rooted in our core market offering. ChatLayr is designed to offer personalized solutions that cater to your needs, delivering greater value and enhancing access to our customer's most critical data.

Making Data Live...

This transition isn't just a name change but a reflection of a strategic vision aimed at leading our customers confidently into a new technological era. It's not a quiet rebrand but rather a loud, exciting announcement worth shouting from the rooftops. So far, the response has been incredibly positive, affirming the value we bring to a market in need.

Each decision on this journey has been deliberate and data-informed. Beyond the AI research solutions that remain our core focus under Layr Research, we heard from our community members, customers, and users that we needed to double down on not just offering solutions and tools, but being a resource for making people amazing at their craft, their service to the world.

We're investing in our digital publications and rolling out a few new ones. And not just newsletters...focused niches with focused resources, content, tools, and aggregation platforms that bring real value to real health, science, and research practitioners. We're announcing branded tools, newsletters, and niche specialty resources for public health professionals, science enthusiasts, and those interested in the technological intersection between artificial intelligence and research.

Check out what's coming to This Week in Public Health via our recently published 3-phase rollout plan.

The path to the future is paved with endless possibilities, and I am eager for us to embark on this new chapter as Layr Research. Thank you for your continued support and belief in our mission. I look forward to sharing our exciting journey with you as we continue to innovate and redefine the ResearchTech landscape.


Dr. Jonathan Scaccia

CEO, Layr Research


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